Southwestern Sociological Association


The Southwestern Sociological Association (SSA) is a disciplinary affiliate of the Southwestern Social Science Association, the nation’s oldest interdisciplinary social science professional association established in 1919. The SSA promotes the advancement of sociological research, knowledge, teaching, and professional service in the greater Southwest region.

McMurry faculty members and students have been active with the Southwestern Sociological Association.  Over the years, the following professors and students have presented papers at the annual SSA meetings.

2008    Robert Wallace & Kimberly Patterson, “Class with Culture: Looking for a Culture of Poverty,” Las Vegas, Nevada.

2008    Jerry Hollingsworth & Karla Santos, “Poverty in Peru,” Las Vegas, Nevada 

2010    Robert Wallace & Megan Schweigert, “Mobility as Internal Class Struggle: Tweaking the Status Attainment Model,” Houston, Texas.

2010    Morgan Brooke-Allen, “Social Class and Morality,” Houston, Texas.

2011    Robert Wallace & Vonda Sills, “Class and Individualism,” Las Vegas, Nevada.

2012    Robert Wallace & Bradley Love, Class and Marketing: Motivating Mobility Through Envy,” San Deigo, California.

2013    Robert Wallace, Edgardo Mora, & Sarrah Friend, “Class and Conformity in Mexico,” New Orleans, Louisana.  

2015    Robert Wallace & Candace Boehm, “The Innocent Men: Social Psychological Adjustments After Exonerations”

2015    Robert Wallace & Kimberly Tribou, “Organizational Drift: From Arthur Andersen to the the Veteran Affairs”