Science & Mathematics Advisory Bourd

Science & Mathematics Advisory Board


The McMurry Science and Mathematics Advisory Board (SMAB) assists the University by offering advice, sponsoring educational projects, providing assistance, recruiting students, and funding activities that would benefit McMurry, the faculty, and the students.

More information about the Funding in Action for McMurry on behalf of the Science & Mathematics Advisory Board during the 2017-2018 academic year is available online.

The purpose of the Science and Mathematics Advisory Board is to:

  • Promote McMurry University and/or improve the quality of education received by students through programs and projects that enhance science and mathematics
  • Increase the flow of innovative ideas to the administration and faculty by scientists and mathematicians and the community
  • Involve supporters of the Science and Math Departments in the shaping of the future of the science and math programs at McMurry
  • Promote and coordinate recognition of alumni who have demonstrated outstanding success and leadership in their scientific and math professions
  • Participate in revenue generation for specific projects/needs for the science and math departments
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