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Major, Minor and Honors

Major in Psychology

Students wishing to graduate from McMurry with a B.A. degree in psychology must take the following courses:

  • PSYC 1340: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 2360: Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC 3301: Principles of Learning
  • PSYC 3305: Research Methods and Statistics I
  • PSYC 3306: Research Methods and Statistics II
  • PSYC 3340: Social Psychology
  • PSYC 4300: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC 4341: Physiological Psychology
  • PSYC 4392: Senior Seminar

In addition, they must take either PSYC 3320 or PSYC 4375 as well as 9 psychology electives, for a total of 39 hours. Of those hours, at least 24 must be at the advanced level.

Other requirements: A minor in some other subject field; and one year of a college-level foreign language.

Minor in Psychology

The minor in psychology consists of 18 hours from the following courses:

PSYC 1340: Introduction to Psychology

Nine hours from PSYC 2360, 3301, 3320, 3340, 4300, 4341, 4375
Six hours from PSYC electives

Honors in Psychology

Admission to the honors program in psychology requires completion of at least 60 hours of college work, of which at least 15 hours are in psychology, including PSYC 1340, 3301, and 3340.  The applicant must have an overall and psychology GPA of 3.25 and no grade below B in psychology. Graduation requirements for honors in psychology include: seven hours of honors credit in psychology at the junior and senior levels with no grade below B; completion of PSYC 3305 or its equivalent with a grade no lower than a C; four hours of PSYC 4X96: Honors Tutorial, and three hours of either PSYC 4397: Honors Thesis, or PSYC 4398: Honors Research; an overall GPA of no less than 3.25 at the time of graduation; 30 hours in psychology with a minimum GPA for those courses of 3.25 and no grade below B, at least half of those courses being taken at McMurry; completion of PSYC 1340 and PSYC 4310.

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