Bachelor of Arts - Vocal, Instrumental or Keyboard concentration

Bachelor of Music Education - All-level Certification
Instrumental Emphasis
Vocal Emphasis

Minor in Music -Vocal, Instrumental or Keyboard concentration

The Minor in Music can be combined with many of McMurry's other majors and degree programs. In addition, post-baccalaureate students can earn teacher certification through course work offered by the Music Department.


Entry Audition - Each potential music major and minor must audition and be approved by members of the Music Department faculty before he or she will be allowed to register for music coursework. Students who transfer from other institutions must have their previous coursework credits evaluated by the Music Department and must audition in order that their placement in the music program can be determined.

Juries and Sophomore Proficiency Exam - All music majors are required to pass a jury at the end of each semester as part of the applied music requirement in their principal instrument or voice. The jury will be comprised of members of the music faculty. The jury at the end of the sophomore or fourth semester will constitute a sophomore proficiency exam, and students must successfully pass this jury before taking upper division applied music lessons. Specific skills and proficiencies necessary to pass the sophomore proficiency exam are determined by the music faculty according to the area of applied study.

Music Hours - These Department of Music recitals are an important laboratory experience for applied music study. All music majors and minors, and selected non-majors, under the direction of their instructors, perform at Music Hours.

Piano Proficiency - All Music Majors must complete and pass with a grade of at least a "B" in each of a minimum of two semesters of piano study. Additionally, these Music Majors are required to demonstrate a piano proficiency administered incrementally at the end of each semester of piano study. The piano proficiency requirements determined by the Music Faculty are found in the Department of Music Student Handbook. Applied piano lessons may be substituted for any or all of the class piano requirements at the discretion of the keyboard faculty. Music majors are required to take piano each semester until their proficiency is satisfied. Passage of the piano proficiency is a prerequisite for registration for a senior recital.

Recitals - Students are required by their respective degree plans to perform recitals in their junior and/or senior years. recital and take applied lessons during the semester of prior to student teaching, without exception.

Grade Point Requirement - All music majors must maintain at least a 2.0 average grade point in all Music Department coursework during the first 60 hours of study at McMurry. At the discretion of the music faculty, music majors who fail to achieve a 2.0 average grade point for any two consecutive semesters of applied music study in their principal instrument or voice will be advised to pursue another major or concentration.

Course Substitution - If a student is given advanced placement in any music coursework, he or she must substitute an equal number of hours of coursework credit in the same area of music.

Requirements for the Music Minor

Requirements for the Music Minor include participation in performing ensembles and private lessons. Acceptance into the Music Department as a Minor requires a successful Entry Audition as described above. Music Minors perform for Music Hours and other departmental recitals, and may, if the necessary prerequisites are met, perform a junior or senior recital.


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