The keyboard program at McMurry offers applied lessons in piano.  Seven grand pianos, two practice organs, and two harpsichords are among the quality instruments on the McMurry campus. In addition, Radford Auditorium houses a 35-bell Fritson carillon.

Students who wish to major in music can choose from two degree plans: Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis in vocal or instrumental music; and Bachelor of Music Education with a choral or instrumental emphasis.

Students who are advanced pianists can develop collaborative piano skills. Opportunities include chamber music as well as accompanying for the private applied studio and choral programs.

For those music majors with a limited exposure to piano, class piano courses are designed to provide a good foundation for your music studies. Class Piano is a four-semester course designed to ensure the music major will pass the Piano Proficiency Exam with enough keyboard skill to adequately lead in the classroom.

For more information regarding keyboard music at McMurry, or to schedule an audition, please contact:

Lora Lynn Christensen
1 McMurry University #698
Abilene, TX 79697
Phone: 325-793-3835 or 325-721-8893