Courses Taught in the Department of Human Health Science

HHSC    1310      Introduction to Nutrition

HHSC    3100L    Research Team Lab

HHSC    3110      Junior Seminar

HHSC    3310      Introduction to Public Health

HHSC    3320      Contemporary Issues in Research and Healthcare

HHSC     3440      Human Genetics

HHSC     4101      Research Communication

HHSC    4201      Senior Capstone Experience

HHSC    XX95      Independent Study

HHSC    XX99      Special Topics

HHSC    4X88      Internship

HHSC     4X96*   Honors Research

HHSC     4X97*   Honors Thesis


For More Information Contact

Ms. Brooke Wright, Department Chair
Department of Human Health Science
McMurry University
Abilene, Texas 79697-0368