Department of History

History has been an active part of McMurry University’s academic program ever since the institution’s first classes began in 1923.  Today, history continues to be made by a full-time staff of four who pride themselves on their professional accomplishments both within and outside the classroom. The History Department at McMurry University boasts a passionate commitment to scholarship, the classical tradition, and frontier values.  Our faculty has created a course of study that emphasizes time-honored courses coupled with unique programs.  These include the Great Books; ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and modern Europe; the Unites States; military history; and Texas. McMurry’s small, intimate environment promises students the kind of personal attention that they often miss at larger schools, but also affords them a surprisingly varied mix of intellectual challenges. It’s this combination of intimacy and intellectual diversity that distinguishes the McMurry history program and enables it to fulfill McMurry’s mission of promoting leadership, excellence, and virtue.

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