First Year

First Year Seminar Program

McMurry University’s First Year Seminar Program helps freshmen prepare for college-level work and explore diverse perspectives around a common subject, theme or issue.

The First Year Seminar Program is not necessarily tied to a specific major, so you should feel free to explore a topic that truly interests you. Class size is small so you can benefit from working closely with a faculty mentor and your peers.

This is your first chance to experience what it means to have a broad college experience and to see and understand topics from various perspectives. No matter the topic of the course, the seminar will help you develop foundational skills for academic and personal success. This includes critical thinking, effective written and oral communication and informed discussion.

You will engage and reflect on complex issues, research open-ended questions and work closely with classmates on creative projects. In addition, your professor will be your initial academic advisor at the University. Each seminar also has a friendly and helpful McMurry student who will serve as your Peer Leader.

The First Year Seminar is a three-hour class beginning during Welcome Week and will continue through December 2. The class will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 -9:25 a.m. during the regular semester.

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