FasTrack Program: Online 


STEP ONE: Apply to McMurry University

Apply to McMurry University HERE.

STEP TWO: Complete the FasTrack Zero Course

In this course, you will learn how to take the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT). This is a certification test in your subject area. This test is used for admission into the Educator Preparation Program (EPP).  Although the content of the PACT tests is the same as the TExES Tests, only those who are not in a program can take a PACT test. These tests may be taken and must be passed before anyone can join the FasTrack Program.

Though TExES Test preparation materials is useful in preparation for PACT tests, the preservice teacher should be sure that they have registered for the correct test. The FasTrack director can help with this information as we do not certify in all content areas that are available for testing.

STEP THREE: Complete the McMurry Virtual Campus Orientation for Online Learning

STEP FOUR: Apply and be admitted to the FasTrack program.

There are a few forms that are required to be filled out and returned before admittance. Successful completion of the PACT test in the area of certification and a minimum of 2.75 is required.

The FasTrack director will provide the candidate with a certification plan.  

STEP FIVE: Coursework and observations

Once a student is admitted to the program, coursework may begin. There are three sessions to be taken each lasting seven weeks. In addition to these courses, candidates must complete 15 hours of video observations and 30 hours in a public school classroom. Candidates must observe in the grade level and content area where certification is desired. These observations and other verification of hours and reflections are all included in one course. These hours must be completed before student teaching or the internship.

Certification coursework is as follows:

Session One:

  • Theories of Learning
  • Inclusive Classroom

Session Two:

  • Planning, Curriculum, and Assessment
  • Methods and Management

Session Three:

  • Teaching Disciplinary Literacy
  • Special Learners

STEP SIX: Student Teaching or Internship

During Session Two, candidates will be given information as to how to apply for student teaching or the internship.

If a candidate chooses to student teach, they will enroll in six hours (one semester long) and requires an additional one-hour seminar course. Clinical teaching will last 14 weeks. Applications for student teaching and other information will be shared in the Session Two courses.

 If a candidate secures an internship, he or she should contact the FasTrack director for additional steps that may not be in the Session Two courses. In order to obtain an internship, the candidate must pass the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR)certification test.  Approval must be given in order to register for this test. The FasTrack director or Certification Officer will explain which type of certificate is needed and other paperwork must be completed before the internship may begin. An internship requires enrollment in a three-hour course in two consecutive semesters. 

Please be advised that the term internship, in this case, means that the candidate has passed all certification tests and been offered a teaching position in the area of certification by a public or other TEA approved school district. 

STEP SEVEN: Certification Application

Once the candidate has completed ALL course work and successfully completed either clinical teaching or a one year internship, he or she must apply for the standard teaching certificate on the SBEC website. Once a candidate has completed these items, paid the fee for the certificate, and passed a criminal background check, McMurry will recommend that candidate for certification.

Disclaimer: All requirements and conditions for admission to the teacher education program or for certification are subject to change by the Texas Education Agency and/or the State Board for Educator Certification.