Early Childhood through Grade 6 Certification

This option is for students who plan to teach in grades EC through 6. The curriculum will include coursework in early childhood development as well as language arts, science, mathematics, social studies, art, physical education, drama, and music for elementary majors. The certification will be Early Childhood through Grade 6 Generalist.

Teaching Field Certification
EC-6 Generalist EC-6
EC-6 Bilingual Generalist EC-6


*Early Childhood

*English as a Second Language

**These programs are currently under review and new standards are not available from the state. Please see your advisor fro information if you are currently pursuing this endorsement. As the new state standards come into effect, you will be advised and your degree plan may be modified.

Required Courses:

READ ECED CURR Supporting Courses* 
READ 3300 ECED 3300 CURR 2110 ARTS 3370
READ 3315 ECED 3330 CURR 3301 COSC 1305
READ 3334 ECED 3331 CURR 3302 ECED 3370
READ 3335 ECED 3360 CURR 4320 KINE 3340
READ 3380 ECED 3365 CURR 4321 THRE 3360
READ 4310 ECED 4330 CURR 4121 HIST 3310
READ 4337 ECED 4370 CURR 4601  
CURR 4198