Marketing Major at McMurry University

What Marketers Docourses

Marketing is the totality of business as viewed by the consumer. There would be no sales or revenue without marketing; therefore there would be no need for Accounting, Production, Economics or Management. Its unique position in business requires Marketers to have a distinct and separate set of activities such as:

• Promotion & Advertising.
• Distribution.
• Consumer Research.
• Buying and Selling. 

The ultimate goal of consumer satisfaction is essential for success in today’s business world and this requires a company’s commitment to Marketing.

What You Can Expect From McMurry

A successful student will be provided the opportunity to obtain quantitative and qualitative knowledge in a variety of Marketing Areas. You will be instructed in Consumer Behavior, Promotion, Market Research, Distribution, Multi-Media Applications, and Business Ethics. This wide and diverse field of study will prepare you for graduate school or an entry level job in the business community. Many of our students have gone on to become:

  • • Corporate Lawyers
  • • Store Managers
  • • Marketing Managers
  • • Advertising Agents
  • • Media Buyers or
  • • Market Research Analysts

An entry level salary for the average marketing student begins at $49,419.

Contact Information

Dr. Paul Mason