School of Business Internship Program

Accounting 4X88 Accounting Internship
CIS 4X88 Computer Information Systems Internship
Finance 4X88 Finance Internship
Management 4X88 Management Internship
Marketing 4X88 Marketing Internship

Intership 4X88 (variable credit)

Internships offer students an opportunity to apply lessons learned in their coursework to actual business situations.Planning for any internship should begin a full year in advance by contacting an academic advisor or the Director of Business Internships. The planning should begin by identifying the student's specific needs and goals. It will be helpful if, prior to this meeting, the student has been in contact with the Career Services Director, prepared a resume, and has begun looking into internship opportunities in his/her field of interest.

'To qualify for academic credit the student must meet the following minimal requirements:

  • Student must have completed 90 hours toward their undergraduate degree.
  • Some positions may require specific skills and may require completion of certain courses.
  • Student must be in good academic standing with the university.

It should be noted that individual employers may have their own explicit requirements such as minimum GPA which is above what is required by the university, specific course work completed, and/or a classification of senior or above.

Academic Credit

Academic credit is given for the internship plan of study through courses numbered 4X88 where X equals the number of credit hours taken (1, 2, or 3) and may carry credit for any of the business concentrations. The student will work with the Director of Business Internships in completing a learning contract that documents the plan of study for each individual student. Once enrolled in a 4X88 course in the appropriate concentration the student is required to work approximately 120-150 hours to receive 3 credit hours, 90-120 for two credit hours, and 60-90 for one credit hour. Required forms are available through the School of Business Office, or the Director of the Business Internships.

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