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General Business Major at McMurry University

What is a General Business Concentration?courses

As the title suggests, a concentration in General Business provides an opportunity for a broad, or generalized, approach to a business education. However, because of the flexibility in course options, it can also allow a student to focus his or her studies on particular areas of interest. Students that pursue a General Business Concentration may choose from a specified number of upper level business courses in order to satisfy the requirements of the concentration. They may choose a wide range of courses from all areas of the School of Business, or they may select several courses from the same area, in order to increase their knowledge and understanding of a particular area of business interest. Students with time or schedule constraints may find General Business appealing because an assortment of upper level courses may be used to meet the requirements of the concentration.

What Job Opportunities Apply to a General Business Degree?

Since the degree can be more general than specialized, there are a wide variety of positions available for a graduate who obtains a general business degree. Examples range from service industries such as sales and retailing, to entrepreneurs who own and operate their own businesses.

Starting Salaries

Depending upon factors such as geographic location, industry, and type of job, typical entry-level salaries for business graduates may range from $36,000 to $61,000. Nationwide data reported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) indicated the salary for 2015 business administration graduates averaged $51,177. Their data also indicated an increase over previous years.

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