Dr. Tom Benoit  

Dr. Tom Benoit
Professor of Biology
Director of Institutional Effectiveness 

Teaching Areas:   

  •     General Biology I
  •     Microbiology
  •     Immunology

Research Interests:
    Bacillus spores and oil-digesting
    bacteria from oil seepage sites

    Ph.D. in Microbiology, Texas Tech University
    M.A. and B.S. in Biology, University of Texas at Arlington

Dr. T.J. Boyle

Dr. Terrence Boyle
Assistant Professor of Biology

Teaching Areas:

  •     General Biology II
  •     Invertebrate Zoology
  •     Aquatic and Marine Ecology
  •     Non-majors Biology

Research Interests:
    Invasive species
    Natural history of crustaceans
    Species diversity, ecology, and distribution

    Ph.D. in Zoology, Texas A&M University
    M.S. and B.S. in Biology, Tarleton State University

Dr. Brant

Dr. Joel Brant
Professor of Biology

Teaching Areas:

  •     Environmental Geology
  •     Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
  •     Ecology
  •     Mammalogy

Research Interests:
    Natural history of mammals
    Morphology of heteromyid rodents
    Mammalian fauna of  the Southern Rolling Plains
    & Edwards Plateau

    Ph.D. in Biology, Texas Tech University
    M.S. in Biology, Angelo State University
    B.S. in Biology, Abilene Christian University

Dr. Lee  

Dr. Malaney O'Connell
Assistant Professor of Biology

Teaching Areas:

  •    Cell Biology
  •    Genetics
  •    Molecular Biology

Research Interests:

   Breast Cancer

   Ph.D. in Cancer Cell Biology, UT Medical Branch Galveston
   B.S. in Biochemistry, McMurry University

Dr. Anna Saghatelyan 

Dr. Anna Saghatelyan
Professor of Biology

Teaching Areas:

  •     Non-majors Biology
  •     Botany
  •     Medicinal Plants
  •     Systematics and Geography of Plants

Research Interests:
    Analytical floristics
    Flora of Armenia
    Flora of South - West Texas
    Comparative analysis of the flora of South-West
    Texas and Armenia

    Ph.D. in Biology, Komarov Botanical Institute, Ac.Sc
    USSR, St. Petersburg, Russia
    M.A and B.S. in Biology, Yerevan State University, Armenia

Dr. Sharp

Dr. Larry Sharp
Associate Professor of Biology
Chief Health Professions Advisor

Teaching Areas:

  •     Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II
  •     Human Physiology
  •     Medical Terminology
  •     PREP Health Professions Seminar

    Doctor of Chiropractic, Parker University
    B.S. in Mathematics, Tarleton State University


Dr. Wilson

Dr. Gary Wilson
Professor of Biology, Department Chair

Teaching Areas:

  •     Microbiology
  •     Scientific Thought
  •     Advanced Microbiology

Research Interests:
    Physiology and ecology of bacterial spores
    Environmental microbiology
    Science Education

    Ph.D. and M.S. in Microbiology, Texas Tech University
    B.S. in Education, University of Texas at El Paso

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