Past Theses

This is a list of past honors theses written by McMurry graduates. Should you be interested in reading any, or all, of these papers, you may get the complete work at the Jay-Rollins Library.




2017 Audrey Thomas Has the Likelihood of College  Enrollment for Disadvantaged Students Increased Since the Passage of No Child Left Behind?
2017 Evelyn Gonzales Sanctuary and Opportunity at McMurry and the World Beyond
2017 Payden Dompe Genetic Variation in Scalopus Aquaticus Across the United States
2017 Seth Tatom Determining a System of Prescriptive and Descriptive Business Ethics
2017 Nicole Lehman Challenges Faced By Missionary/Cross-Cultural Nurses
2017 Hailee Jane Reeder More Than Just an Outline: An Artist's Journey of Self Understanding
2017 Sophie Southwell A Novel Screening Method for Coronaviruses in Texas Bats 
2017 Grace Abbott Prevenient Grace:  Wesley's System of Authority
2017 Thierry Tchenko The Intersection of Christianity and Politics in Abilene
2017 Connor Matheson Truth or Consequences, New Mexico:  Lost History, Emerging Opportunities
2017 Lauren Heathcote The Effect of a Plyometric Workout Regimen on Experienced Swimmers Total Block Clearanc and Velocity Off the Starting Block
2017 Keith Hodel Feasibility of Wind Energy Production on a Small Scale
2017 Ashton Medford The Burden of Innocence: A Movement for Change
2017 Lacey Reece An Unmistakable Family Resemblance:  Sociology within the Process of Playwriting
2017 Nathan Cole Baggett

Testing the Power of the Past: New Findings in Class Assortative Mating

2016 Michael Von Ende-Becker

Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in Mathematics; “Magic Ploygons and Vector Properties of the Magic Hexagon.”

2016 Kristopher Valdez

Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in Mathematics and Physics; “Study of the Electro-magnetic Generator Pickup” Dr. Timothy Renfro

2016 Taylor Russell

Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in Biology; “Comparison of Microbial Communities Growing in Winogradsky and Diatomaceous Earth Columns.”

2016 Caty-Jane McSpadden

Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in Curriculum and Instruction; “History for the Cool Kids: A High School U.S. History Curriculum from 1877 to Present.”

2016 Charles Hughes

Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in Theatre;  In the Dirt

2016 Taylor Freehauf

Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in Physics;  “Dual Axis Solar Tracking System.”

2016 Christian Flanders Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in History; “Under a Golden Star: A Military History of the Republic of Texas.”
2016 Candace Evans Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in Psychology and Sociology; “Body Image and Psychological Well-Being: Understanding the Moderating Effects of Race and Ethnicity.”
2016 Bethany Cummings Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in Curriculum and Instruction; "Assisting Teachers in Understanding Behaviors and Instructional Strategies  Associated with Dyscalculia."
2016 Isaac Chantos Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in History; “Glick Mass Man Haben:  One Must Have Luck.”
2016 Brianna Brown Departmental Honors in Sociology; “Raising the Shades: Uncovering Skin Tone Bias in Higher Education.”
2015 Katie Hinton Graduate of the University Honors Program, Departmental Honors in English and Writing; The Keykeeper
2014 Nicole McGunegle Resistance of Spores from Cry + and Cry – Bacillus Cereus and Bacillius Thuringiensis Strains
2014 Ashleigh Davis The Wall – A Play in Two Acts
2014 Sonia Del Hierro Through the Eyes of Another
2014 Lauren Zugai Understanding Peer-to-Peer File Sharing:  Debunking the Infamous Reputation
2014 Samuel D. McMurray The Underbelly
2014 Taylor Garrett Smith Apokatastasis in the Thought of Saint Gregory of Nyssa
2014 Heather Rawls Influence of Entomocidal Protein Gene on Germination of Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus cereus Spores
2014 Bradley Rowland Effects of Liposomal Drug Carriers on Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis
2014 Christina Barr Investigation of Germination Inhibotors Present in Disposable Labware
2014 Miranda Leigh Nguyen Influence of Growth Medium and Crystal Production of Spore Volume for Bacillus cereus and Bacillus thuringiensis
2014 Karen McAlister Isolation and Characterization of Hydrocarbonoclastic Bacteria from Rail Bed Soil
2014 Richard Thomas Harrison  Theosis and Christian Perfection:  An Examination of Deification in the Eastern Orthodox and Wesleyan Traditions
2013 Kasi Conners Generational Gaps in the Workforce:  Employee Engagement
2013 Miranda Priddy “Her Life’s Quality”
2013 Toyosi Adewunmi Analysis of Techniques that Evaluate the Interaction Between Chromium Diimine Metal Complexes and DNA
2013 Kathryn Ballinger “That Merry Wanderer”:  Exploring Puck
2013 Martha Chace The Knot:  A Memoir
2013 Jordan Duncan “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”:  The Sociological Significance of Policy and Change
2013 Amanda Genzling Evaluation of Hydroxamate Functionality as Ornithine Decarboxylase and Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
2013 Kaitlin Klarer The Neurobiology of Antisocial Personality Disorder
2013 Aleyne Means The Pedagogy of Mathematical Logic 
2013 Rachael Patti Are you Up to the Challenge?:  Creating an Activity Based Motivation Assessment for Elementary Aged Children  
2013 Tonjaka Scott Sarbanes-Oxley Act:  Too Big for the Small 
2013 Shalisa  Sites The 100 Game:  Nim in Disguise 
2013 Sabrina Wegner Building A Level of Explanation Model Between The Historical – Religious and Perspectives on Acedia
2013 Kelsey Willem The Shakespeare Controversy:  Survey & Resolution
2012 Marcy Doty La Muerte De Esperanza/A Play in Two Acts
2012 Caitlee Martindale The Road Trip
2012 Nathan Worley Synthesis and Characterization of Chromium Polypyridyl Complexes Containing Acidic Groups for Photodynamic Therapy
2012 Laura Engel Today’s Science Education for Today’s Science Student:  The Effects of Implementation of Problem-based Learning on Attitudes and Student Achievement of College Non-Major Science Students
2012 Cassi Marie Stapp The Impact of Wind Turbines on Bat Diversity in the Southern Rolling Plains of Texas
2012 Danni McMahan A Biochemical and Physiological Description of Spinal Cord Injuries and its Treatment Therapies: Stem Cells, Pharmacology, and Activity-Based
2011 Erica Rawls Novel  Putrescine Analogues Targeting Spermidine Synthase
2011 Heather Whitehead Synthesis of a Novel Ornithine Analogue and Its Biological Activity In-Vitro with MCF-7 Cells
2011 Malaney Lopez An Investigation of the Difference in Steroid Sulfatase Levels in Hormone Dependent, Independent, and Normal Breast Tissue of Abilene Women
2011 Jennifer Wells Vindictive Justice:  America’s Pursuit of Punishment
2011 Joy A. Henderson

Psychological  Impacts on the Family when Living with a Veteran Diagnosed with Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

2011 Jeanette Schofield Quaternions and 3D Rotations
2011 Tylar Murray An Overview and the Construction of a PEM Fuel Cell System
2011 Kaitlyn Barnhill

Changes in Mathematics Education during the Twentieth Century

2011 Zachary Kerzee Theodicy in the Liberation Theology of Gustavo Gutierrez
2011 Erika Kelley Mitchell A Survey of the Activity Patterns of Medium to Large Mammals in the Southern Rolling Plains of Texas
2011 Vonda Sill Social Class and Parenting Styles:  Understanding American Individualism
2010  Jennifer Revell  The Symptoms, Implications, and Possible Treatments for Those Affected by Color Deficient Vision 
2010 Daniel Nusbaum Standpoint: Aplay in two acts
2010 Diane Codding Religion In Shakespeare
2010 Kaitlyn Walker Memoirs of a Minimum Wage Worker
2010 Sarah Adams The Feldenkrais Method of Postural Re-education
2010 Brandon Pena Career Paths of City Managers in Texas
2009 Emily Germany Breaking the Trail: The Women's Army Corps March Toward Military Integration
2009 Amanda Jean Seeman Hopi and their Oral History: Past and Present
2009 Stephanie Brook The Impact of Gender Role Pressure on Self Perceptions: Measuring the Effects of Societal Expectations on an Individual
2009 Daryk T. Scott A Sellarian Critique of the Existence of a Justifiable Pre-conceptual Appeal
2009 M. Allen Morgan-Brooke Social Class And Morality
2009 Erin Bodiford Deo Vindice: the continuity of religious culture in the South
2009 Stacia Plaster The History and Evolution of the Color Wheel and Color Solid
2009 Rigoberto G. Castaneda Using Classical Ciphers in Secondary Mathematics
2009 Sarah Leeth Moving On: An Opus
2009 Britni Cheyenne Bland Mickey Mouse Squared: The Postmodern Art of Cartoon Music
2009 Amanda Walker Finding and Defining Identity through Self-Portraiture: A Fourteen Day Unit for Art I
2008  Adam Gerow Uniting The Standards for English as a Second Language
2008  Emily Redenbach Entanglements
A Play in Two Acts
2008 Jacqueline Risley A World of Fiction
2008  Lynn Blair Data Interpolation and Its Effects on Digital Sound Quality
2008 Allison Redfearn Love and Violence in the Song of Songs
2008  Marie Sward Blessed Are The Poor: Examining Social Concern in the Gospel of Luke
2008 Tammy Werner Hybrid Musical Instruments: Artistically Inspired Mathematically Explored
2008 Neil Corbett Alleys
2007 Redondo Jr, Steven P.  The End of Class Politics in America? 
 2007 Sherman, Stephen  Don't Fence Me In: The World War II Exploits of Ernest M. Boyd 
2007  Cantrell, Katherine Elise Bryophyte Herbaria as a Source of Tardigrada
2007 Reed, Catrina  Transformation of Bacillus thuringiensis with GFP Encoding Vectors via Electro oration 
2007 Tunmire, Nicole A Look into the Secret World of Primes 
2007 Link, Josyln Vouchers: Friend or Foe? An Examination of the History and the Effectiveness of Three School Voucher Programs
2006 Stroman, Elissa Program Notes accompanying a Senior Honors Recital 
2006 Shaver, Austin David Fibonacci to Elliott: How to Make Money from Bunnies 
2006 Sain, Mikki Where my girls at: Image of female hip hop artist and the promotion of female identity.
2006 Crawford, Jessica Synthesis of a double - headed nucleoside through a knoevenagel/aldol pathway.
2006 Dossman, Stephen Campaign for Corinth: Blood in Mississippi.
2006 Schneider, Bonnie Forces involved in a "simple" pendulum.
2006 Codding, Jennifer Synthesis of a novel carbohydrate toward double-headed nucleosides: via Grignard Reagent.
2006 Kline, Crystaline Repetition of southern themes: A study in photography and literature.
2006 Spurgeon, Michelle Opening doors - where's the doctrine? A rhetorical analysis of the United Methodist media campaign.
2006 Carter, David Analysis of the use of electronic textbooks in a contemporary nursing school
2006 Tieg, Trisha What might've been a play in two acts.
2005 Gladman, Jessica The implications of cognitive neuroscience in the classroom.
2005 Bell, Amy Compositional cryptology.
2005 Merrell, Megan Music aiding memorization in the elementary classroom.
2005 Herfurth, Kenneth The Theotokos.
2005 Pyburn, Lydia 53 miles to freedom.
2005 Pryor, Chelsie Desensitization of sexual advertisement: the creeping desensitization of advertisements with sexual content.
2005 Clarke, Catherine Methods of poetry instruction for use in the elementary classroom.
2005 Perkins, Shelly Insider trading--it's not a good thing: Martha Stewart's image restoration attempts.
2005 Blerck, Laura Case study of botox treatment of adductor spasmodic dysphonia.
2005 Norma, Sharon Crazy making: A memoir.
2005 Huston, Philip The cosmological argument.
2005 Huston, Philip Inclusivism or exclusivism?: A Wesleyan prospective.
2005 Huston, Diana Activities to make learning functions more comprehensible.
2005 Amos, Leah A sort of journal: Adventures of a political intern.
2005 Banks, Liz Like glass a play in two acts.
2004 Wynn, April “Isolation of an Iron-Reductase Gene and Characterization of its Activity and Expression in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus)” 
2004 Bemis, Melissa  Living the Extraordinary Call
2004 Bunker, Gina DVD production project: Developing a process for cost effective and replicable DVD production.
2004 Brown, Jeremy Data compression using multiples of three in binary.
2004 Lowry, Kayla Terrorism: An insight to new dimensions of the contributing factors.
2004 Tribou, Kimberly Pension plans and the bottom line: How pension plans have become a means of leveraging corporate wealth.
2003 English, Penny Program Notes accompanying a Senior Honors Recital
2003 Bemis, Melissa Program Notes accompanying a Senior Honors Recital
2003 Bell, Ellen H. pH survival and habitat preference of Macrobiotus Hufelandi
2003 Bullock, Sara Measure of antifungal activity of essential oils using Agar Dilution Method
2003 Hillhouse, Drew Restriction enzyme based genetic markers in the FRO1 gene of Pisum Sativum
2003 Hillhouse, Drew Of Love and War: An introduction to the Civil War correspondence of Augustus Valerius Ball
2002 Conner, Dennis Chaotic behavior in a driven inverted pendulum
2002 Eastham, Ginger Density of bacteria on florescent and non-florescent surfaces of interest to public health
2002 Sheppard, Sarah Redeeming Mama: A comedy in two acts
2001 Coll, Jori Religious effects on marital status
2001 Whitley, Geoffrey A mathematical approach to selling stocks using exponential and logistic regression from the values of the Sales-per-Share Ratios of individual stocks
2000 Ayers, Jeremy Rethinking Providence: An analysis of the God-World relationship in the theology of John Cobb
2000 Cochran, Paul Allen A Distinct Pattern of Violence: A new look at the Great Hangings at Gainesville
2000 Davis, Bob The "A-Ha!" Experience: Phenomenological information regarding Tip-Of-the Tongue, Feeling-of Knowing, and other memory retrieval states
1999 Harris, Emily The Pursuit of Perfection: Factors involved in the perception of body image
1999 Stuart, Andrea J. Marriages with the Blues: Military induced separation and its effects on Air Force marital relationships
1999 Wollscheid, Jim Possible effects of the year 2000 problem on the United States economy
1998 Burke, Trevan Taylor The Tracks of Life
1998 Martin, Sarah B. Less than the Least: An alternative method of least squares linear regression
1998 McKenzie, Laro Gene Joy Echoes from the Sibyl's cave
1998 Nichols, Matthew The Unleashed Tiger: Will liberalization lead to democracy in Mexico?
1997 Davis, Jerry A. The Girl from below Round Mesa
1997 Russell, Mark Bryan A Mother's Smile
1997 Scott, Jeff Women of the upper class
1996 Bristow, Steven Road Trip
1996 Macko, Cynthia C. Partial characterization of antimicrobial activity in selected native plants of west Texas
1995 Gravier, Claudia Teyuwit: A Comanche life
1995 Larson, Scott The Reform and Transition of Mexico as a State: An evaluation of Mexico's liberalization efforts
1995 Payton, Amanda A Poet's Peace
1995 Schmidt, Michele Anderson Kissinger's Philosophy of Realpolitik and Diplomatic Praxis: A historical approach to Henry Kissinger
1995 White, Elaine D. Square roots of matrices and convergence of some sequences
1994 Vasquez, Yvette V. Looking for the Light
1993 Abernathy, Jay The economic impact of the full-time faculty, staff, and administration of McMurry University on Abilene, Taylor County, Texas
1993 Comerford, Brian Kent Over the Transom: A feature-length play written for the screen
1993 Smith, Dawn Longmire Freedom through Commitment: A comparative study of "The wife of Bath", "Pygmalion", and "Pretty Woman"
1992 Clayton, Jean Anne Angel Carpet and other stories
1992 Van Houton, Zackie Addressing the code of ethics within public relations, fund development, and admissions in institutions of higher education
1992 Norman, Shana M. Lights-Camera-Promote
1991 McGinnis, Julie Ryan Corporate America's dilemma with business ethics
1988 Cockrell, Maxine Murphy Persuasion techniques in the principle advocacy texts
1988 Wilson, Angelia R. Hegel
1988 Kinsey, Kimberly Dawn An exegesis of John 1:4-5 and the nature of light