Dyess Air Force Base Program



Blue Streak Program

In cooperation with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and Dyess AFB, McMurry University is making it easier than ever for active military personnel to earn their college degree.

Through the Blue Streak program, active duty military personnel can take selected courses through McMurry at the Dyess AFB campus, main campus, or online. Blue Streak classes will count both toward the CCAF General Education Course component, as well as a full, four-year undergraduate degree from McMurry University or other schools.

Participating in the Blue Streak program is simple. By offering as many as 5-7 required classes each Fall and Spring semester in an abbreviated format (8 weeks), a student can register at any point and take whatever is needed to complete the degree. Some courses will also be offered during summer terms.

To make the admission process easier, students are designated as non-degree students which allows them only to take the Blue Streak classes without the required school transcripts or test scores.*

A special military rate ($250 per credit hour) is given to Active Duty military members using Tuition Assistance (TA). The student is responsible for the cost of the textbooks only. 


Required Classes (3 credit hours) which satisfy the CCAF General Education Requirements include:

Engl 1310: Composition and Rhetoric
Engl 1320: Composition and Literature
Comm 1310: Principles of Communication

Math 1311: College Algelbra; or Math 1315: Contemporary Math**

Social Science:
One Course from the following -
Economics,  History, Political Science, Psychology
or  Sociology

Arts 1300: Exploring the Visual Arts; Foreign Language;   Literature;
Music;  Philosophy; Religion

Mgmt 3310: Principles of Management
An additional upper level course needed:
Mgmt 3390: Human Resources Management
Mgmt 4330: Organizational Behavior/Interpersonal Relations

**An algebra diagnostic test is administered to determine placement in math classes.
If CCAF Program electives are needed, such courses are available
toward your college degree through McMurry University.
The Blue Streak program is designed to assist active duty members in completing the General Education Courses component of CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) quickly, and be able to apply that coursework toward a possible full, four-year undergraduate degree from McMurry University or another university. To learn more, contact the McMurry-Dyess AFB Program Director, Dr. Rosemary Wallace, at 325-696-5540 or visit her in Room 320 Education Center.

About McMurry

McMurry is a four year liberal arts and United Methodist affiliated institution. We offer over 40 major courses of study in the following areas: arts and letters, natural and computational sciences, education, business, social sciences and religion, and through a consortial relationship with the Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing.

McMurry has a variety of academic terms: Fall and Spring (16 week semesters) on campus and sub terms (the first eight weeks of long semester and the last eight weeks of it) on Base; May Term; Summer I and Summer II on campus (with a few classes available on Base).

What the Program Can Offer You

This program is structured with your needs in mind. Classes are generally offered at lunch and during the early evening hours. As a convenience to you, registration is held regularly on Base. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of all of the main campus facilities, services, offerings, and activities.

Base courses typically represent those needed for the first years of general education. These courses can also fulfill the academic requirements of the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) Associate Degree. These courses can be applied to an undergraduate degree at McMurry University or another academic institution. Occasionally, courses from other disciplines are offered.

Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Programs

Tuition for active military personnel enrolled under the Armed Forces Tuition Assistance (TA) Program is published in the Financial Information section of the current McMurry Catalog. Each student eligible for and utilizing Tuition Assistance from any of the military branches must submit an Air Force Form 1227, or its equivalent, with each application for enrollment. Students needing to withdraw must follow published procedures and coordinate with the program office and the Base Education Center before any adjustments or refunds can be made. No refunds are made to students who are dismissed from the University through disciplinary action. Fees other than tuition are non- refundable. The University refunds all tuition costs actually paid by the individual upon receipt of orders or permanent change of station provided he or she is attending under the Air Force Tuition Assistance Program for that semester.

*Admission Criteria
Those seeking regular admission to McMurry University must complete an application and provide official copies of all transcripts. In some cases an official high school transcript and academic test scores may be required; particularly if the applicant has no prior college classes or has fewer than 24 semester hours. Those with an associate degree may not need the high school transcript. Prospective students age 22 and older are not required to submit ACT or SAT test scores. The application fee is waived for active duty military and their dependents. Special circumstances regarding admission can be addressed to the Director. Perspecitive Students younger than 22 years of age must provide (by state law) a copy of their Vaccination Record (AF Form DD2766c)

McMurry-Dyess Air Force Base Program

Dr. Rosemary Kovach Wallace, Director
1 McMurry University #147
Abilene, TX 79697
Campus Phone: 325-793-4655
Base Phone: 325-696- 5540
Email: kwallace@mcm.edu