Spanish Club

club officers

The McMurry Spanish Club is off to a wonderful start this semester. An executive council has been elected and a new constitution and mission have been written. The purpose of the Spanish Club is to promote Hispanic culture(s) by making individuals aware of things “Hispanic” on and off McMurry’s campus. The club has already held several fun and informational meetings, and had its first Día de los Muertos piñata activity, which was a complete success. Future activities for the club will be programed soon. Membership is free and we welcome all individuals regardless of Spanish proficiency. This year’s executive council includes Jesús Vasquez (President), Jeronimo Aguilar (Vice President), Annabelle Argueta (Secretary), Dakota Hartness (Social Chair), and Michele Nims (Treasurer). For more information, contact Dr. José L. Gómez at 793-4661.