Why Minor in Spanish?

There is a world of opportunities in a wide variety of professions for someone who is bilingual.


There is a growing demand for MBA graduates who are proficient in a foreign language. In international banking, in accounting for multinational corporations, in international law, to name only a few areas, there is a growing demand for foreign language proficiency. There is a rapidly increasing need for bilingual secretaries and directors of marketing. The import export business is wide open to people who know their way around the world.

Government Service

Rewarding, high-paying careers in the Armed Services, the State Department, Department of Commerce, the International Communication Agency, and the FBI require proficiency in a foreign language.

Social Services

Social work, law enforcement, jurisprudence, the courts, prison systems, and many state agencies need bilingual professionals desperately, and many of the positions pay very well. A bilingual court reporter/interpreter, for example, may earn $50 to $100 per hour.


Elementary schools in our region need bilingual teachers on a regular basis. In the period 1995-99, bilingual teachers have been one of the most sought after categories. There is a regular demand for high school language teachers, and our universities need skilled, motivated, intelligent professors of language.

Christian Service

International relief agencies are in constant need of well-prepared professionals who can function well in the multilingual setting. Churches prefer to send missionaries who have had foreign language preparation.


Learning a language is learning to communicate in a new cultural dimension, thus providing important insights into the world in which we live. The learning of a second language fosters a sense of shared humanity with a race or nation that may previously have seemed somewhat alien. Citizens who understand the significance of cultural differences and intercultural communication are more able to understand the issues that face the struggle of a democracy to protect and extend freedom, and thus the study of other languages and cultures contributes to good citizenship. Besides that, it is just plain exciting to realize that you have acquired the ability to communicate with millions of people whose natural lives were previously a closed book.