Dr. José L. GómezProfessor Gomez
Professor of Spanish
Phone: 325-793-4661
E-mail: gomezjo@mcm.edu

José L. Gómez is a Spanish Professor in the Department of Spanish Studies at McMurry University, where he teaches all beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels of Spanish language. He also teaches LiteratureCulture and Civilization, and Spanish for Teachers and Majors classes.  He is a native speaker from Quito, Ecuador, a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Ecuadorian Air Force, who served at Dyess Air Force base for two years (1994-1996). He received his Doctor’s Degree in Education Science from Escuela Politécnica JaverianaDr. Gómez's scholarly research investigates The Art of Language as an Instrument of KnowledgeMoreover, He holds a Texas Educator Certificate, accredited by McMurry University. 

His latest scholarship contributions for teaching and learning Spanish language includes the development of practice materials to prepare future teachers to pass the state certification test for Spanish, which is called the TExES Language Other Than English (LOTE) test. In addition, Dr. Gómez found a new way to use Microsoft Excel differently; he created a unique spreadsheet that can conjugate the main fourteen tenses of Spanish verbs. Finally yet importantlyhe developed a new strategy to improve oral skills for elementary and intermediate level students 

Dr. mez is a firm believer of the Confucianism philosophy that emphasizes work, education, and moral values. He lives by one of Confucius’s most known teachings: If your goal is to progress one year, plant wheat, if your goal is to progress ten years, plant trees, if your goal is to progress one hundred years, educate your children"Dr. Gómez also strongly believes that if your goal is to be successful during this age of knowledge, where people should have scientific, technical, technological, and creative skills in this competitive and globalized world, you must be bilingual.