Dr. Robert Wallace

R. Wallace, not Max Weber


1989  Doctor of Philosophy
1987   Master of Philosophy
1985  Master of Arts
Columbia University
   New York, New York
1980 Master of Gerontological Studies
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio  
1978     Bachelor of Science
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas


Collective Conscience, Introduction to Sociology, Social Research, Social Stratification, Social Psychology, Seminar in Sociology

Wrongfully Convicted, Studies in Criminology, White Collar Crime, Issues in Criminology 


Social class cultures, Mobility patterns, Poverty, Prosocial behavior, Causes of wrongful convictions, Life after innocence, Elite criminal behavior

SCHOLARLY INTERESTS (students’ names are in italics):

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Robert Wallace & Candace Boehm. 2015. “The Innocent Men: The Social Psychological Adjustment after Exoneration.” Southwestern Sociological Associations meetings, Denver, Colorado.

Robert Wallace, Edgardo Mora, & Sarrah Friend. 2013. “Class and Conformity in Mexico.” Southwestern Sociological Associations meetings, New Orleans, Louisana.  

Robert Wallace & Bradley Love. 2012. “Class and Marketing: Motivating Mobility Through Envy.” Southwestern Sociological Associations meetings, San Diego, California.

Robert Wallace & Vonda Sills. 2011. “Class and Individualism.” Southwestern Sociological Associations meetings, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Robert Wallace & Megan Schweigert. 2010. “Mobility as Internal Class Struggle: Tweaking the Status Attainment Model.” Southwestern Sociological Associations meetings, Houston, Texas.

Robert Wallace. 2008. “Looking for a Working Class in the 1950s: Testing the Embourgeoisement Thesis.”  North American Labor History Conference at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

Robert Wallace & Kimberly Patterson. 2008. “The Culture of Poverty.” Southwestern Sociological Association meetings, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Robert Wallace. 2007. “Class with Culture: Looking for a Middle Class Culture,” Southwestern Sociological Association meetings, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Robert Wallace. 2006. “Class with Culture: Looking for a Working Class Culture.” Southwestern Sociological Association meetings, San Antonio, Texas.