Co-Curricular Transcript

Students involved with the Servant Leadership program have the skills that many companies and corporations are looking for when they are hiring employees. The co-curricular transcript, when added to a résumé, enhances a graduate's job qualifications. An employer can see that a job candidate has committed time to meaningful activities outside the classroom and has the skills necessary to perform in a leadership role.  It can also be submitted along with your application to graduate schools.

Why do You need a Co-Curricular Transcript?

  • To maximize your attractiveness to future employers.
  • To showcase your accomplishments.
  • To highlight practical skills as well as academic achievement.

How do I get a Co-Curricular Transcript?

This is easy. Simply fill out the template below. When you complete it, a final click on the SUBMIT button automatically sends it to the Servant Leadership office. They will verify the information, obtain appropriate signatures, and return to you a document that will impress potential employers and graduate schools.

For more information or assistance filling out the co-curricular transcript, contact Jason Feltz.

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