1300: Introduction to Ethics
Prerequisites: None. This course may be used to fulfill McMurry University’s general education requirement for Leadership, Excellence, and Virtue. The course provides an introduction to ethical theories (deontological, teleological, virtue ethics, etc.), moral decision-making, and key contemporary moral issues. Particular attention is given to practical application in moral reasoning and to the development of sensitivity to ethical issues of contemporary society, focusing on rights and duties of individuals and groups and the nature of legitimate needs and values. (Fall, Spring)

1310: Concepts and Techniques of Servant Leadership
A discussion of the nature, styles, and skills of servant leadership, utilizing historic and contemporary models and emphasizing moral roots of responsible leadership. Students will participate in a field experience in the Abilene community, combined with reflection and discussion in small groups on issues in servant leadership. (Fall, Spring)

2310: Formation in Servant Leadership
Prerequisite SLD 1310 or permission of instructor. Formation in Servant Leadership is a seminar-style course focusing on personal and interpersonal growth in servant leadership. Emphasis is placed on self-awareness, personal mastery (effective self-leadership), deep listening, group facilitation, and service learning. (Fall)

3310: Theories of Leadership
Prerequisite: SLD 1310, or permission of instructor. A seminar-style course focusing on recent research and literature in leadership. Emphasis will be placed on the mastery and implementation of leadership theories. Special attention will be devoted to theories that incorporate service. (Spring)

SLD 3320: Dialogue with the Other
Understanding and working with the “other” (variously defined) is a crucial skill for servant leaders and is an increasingly necessary skill for anyone in a global, pluralistic world.  Dialogue with the Other is a seminar style course focusing on understanding people and groups whose culture, ethnicity, race, religion, and/or lifestyle is outside the dominant frame(s) of reference of McMurry students. Students will conduct research on hermeneutical and practical aspects of dialogue, engage in phenomenological studies of various groups (the “other”), practice skills associated with dialogue, and develop service learning activities to practice what they learn. (Spring)

SLD 4388: Internship/Capstone
The Internship and Capstone in Servant Leadership provides an integrative learning experience near the completion of the BIS degree with an emphasis in Servant Leadership. Students are matched with an appropriate Field Supervisor in a community setting (business, organization, agency, etc.) and develop a minimum of three learning goals that include academic and experiential elements. Regular meetings are required with the field supervisor and the Director of Servant Leadership to develop, implement, and evaluate the fulfillment of the learning goals. (As needed)