Student Feedback

Jessica ScottJessica Scott
Graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Work from University of Oklahoma–Tulsa

“My time at McMurry gave me a strong foundation in psychology that prepared me for graduate school. I went into graduate school with a larger and stronger foundation than most of my cohorts. This included having advanced knowledge in research, abnormal psychology and theories. Due to this strong foundation of knowledge, I have had many doors open for me that would not have otherwise. The true advantage to McMurry is that you get to know each professor personally, and they care about each student and their success due to the small class sizes. I cannot express how amazing the psychology professors are at McMurry; they truly want to see their students succeed. Even though I am no longer at McMurry, I still am able to seek advice and guidance from the professors in the psychology department, and they are more than happy to help.”

Lindsey BrotchLindsey Brotch
Psychological Test Administrator, Sam Brinkman Neuropsychology Clinic, Abilene, TX

“My time at McMurry was a positive and enriching experience. As I have worked in the field since graduation, I have been made aware of the thorough education and diverse opportunities that I received as an undergraduate. I am constantly surprised by how many things I have been exposed to that other psychology graduates have not. I would not hesitate to recommend McMurry University to anyone seeking a degree in psychology. The small classroom sizes fostered relationships with my professors and peers, which helped me gain confidence as a student and, now, as a professional.”

Alisha GrahamAlisha Graham
Graduated with a Master’s degree in Psychology from Sacramento State University

“I was both appreciative of and challenged by the small class sizes at McMurry that demanded my participation. The expectations placed upon me by dedicated, caring professors helped prepare me for graduate studies at a larger state university where leadership and public speaking was unquestionably the norm. I would highly recommend the psychology department to others because of the excellent education I received, the freedom I felt to explore ideas and relate psychology to my Christian faith, and the professional relationships I can still rely upon for guidance and encouragement.”

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