Degrees and Auditions

Degree Information

From the intensive study of a major to the pure enjoyment of participating in the studio; students at a variety of levels and backgrounds can be a part of the McMurry percussion studio.

Outstanding academic and performance scholarships are available to virtually every student in our program. Along with tuition equalization grants, McMurry can be a more cost-effective option than state schools. Ranked among “US News: Top Colleges”, McMurry University provides a well-rounded education in music and across campus from nationally recognized professors.

Percussion majors receive a one hour lesson per week for the duration of their time at McMurry culminating in a Senior recital program. These students work on a large variety of performance skills that apply to careers in education and performance.
Minors receive a thirty minute lesson per week for their first two years of study. Minors are expected to perform at a high standard without studying as much repertoire as majors.

Audition Information

Students who desire the maximum music scholarship will need to audition for Dr. Knight and Mr. Robinson. Highest consideration will be given to those who show a broad understanding of percussion performance by performing on concert snare, mallets (two and four), and timpani. You are also encouraged to audition on drum set, marching snare, or other areas of percussion that showcase your talents. Do not worry though. We would like to encourage you to audition regardless of your current repertoire prepared.

Many students perform music they have worked on for all state and solo and ensemble.

Contact Information

Dr. Johnny Mendoza
Visiting Assistant Professor of Music