Model UN at Work

Model UN at McMurry engages in community outreach every year. Model UN believes that the humanitarian work of the actual United Nations and of the United Methodist Church, with which McMurry is affiliated, should be carried through the Model UN Program at McMurry.

Model UN believes that one must define the term "community" in a holistic manner, and thus Model UN students choose a project theme each year and devise a local and global component for that project each semester. Over the past few years, Model UN has engaged in hunger outreach, landmine awareness and clearance, survivor assistance, and neglected diseases.

For Model UN's Hunger Campaign last fall, the students planned a week of activities on campus to raise awareness of hunger in the United States and across the globe. During Model UN's annual conference, a representative from the UN's World Food Programme spoke with students about the devastating effects of long-term hunger and malnutrition. Model UN also raised money for the World Food Programme, and held a food drive for the local Food Bank. During the spring, Model UN students held a contest among McMurry's social clubs to see which group could donate the most food to the local Food Bank (T.I.P won!) and held a 5K Hunger run to raise funds for World Food Programme's School Feeding initiative.

In total, Model UN's 2005-2006 Hunger Campaign raised enough money to feed an entire classroom in Africa lunch for an entire year, 2,000 lbs of high energy biscuits for starving refugees, and 10,000 cups of rice for the chronically malnourished! At the local level, Model UN raised enough money and canned goods to feed 20 families for 2 months.