Meet Our HHSC Faculty

Dr Ryan DaltonDr. Ryan Dalton (doctorate from:  Texas A&M University).  Home department:  Kinesiology

·       Field of study:    Human Physiology and Performance.

·       Research Interests:  Investigation of training methods for effectiveness in human performance.


Dr-Janet-McMurray.jpgDr. Janet McMurray (doctorate from:  University of Idaho).  Home department:  Kinesiology

·       Field of study: Athletic Training.         

·       Research Interests:  Biomechanics of movement.


Dr-Malaney-OConnell.jpg Dr. Malaney O’Connell (doctorate from:  UT Medical Branch–Galveston).  Home department:  Biology

·       Field of study: Cancer Cell Biology.  

·       Research Interests:  Role of collagen X in breast cancer metastasis.


Dr-Paul-Pyenta.jpgDr. Paul Pyenta (doctorate from:  Cornell University).  Home department:  Chemistry & Biochemistry

·       Field of study:  Biophysical Chemistry. 

·       Research Interests:  Protein and antibody structure.


Dr-Cynthia-Rutledge.jpg Dr. Cynthia Rutledge (doctorate from:  University of Northern Colorado).  Home department:  Kinesiology. 

·       Field of study:    Exercise Physiology.

·       Research Interests:  Role of exercise in human wellness.


Dr-Larry-Sharp.jpg Dr. Larry Sharp (doctorate from:  Parker University).   Home department:  Biology. 

·       Field of study:  Chiropractic Medicine. 

·       Research Interests: Physiology of diet and exercise.


Dr-Hyunshun-Shin.jpgDr. Hyunshun Shin (doctorate from:  Drexel University).  Home department:  Chemistry & Biochemistry. 

·       Field of study:  Organic Chemistry.      

·       Research Interests:  Drug discovery through synthesis of pharmacoactive chemicals.  


Dr-Paul-Smith.jpg Dr. Paul Smith (doctorate from:  Indiana University).  Home department:  Kinesiology. 

·       Field of study:  Human Physiology.   

·       Research Interests:  Effect of diet on muscle physiology.


Dr-Gary-Wilson.jpg Dr. Gary Wilson Department Chair (doctorate from:  Texas Tech University). Home department:  Biology. 

·       Field of study:  Microbiology. 

·       Research Interests:  Bacterial spore physiology, resistance, and ecology.


Ms-Brooke-Wright.jpg Ms. Brooke Wright (masters from:  University of Tulsa).  Home department:  Human Health Science. 

·       Field of study:   Health Science.    

·       Research Interests:  The microbiome of breast milk.



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