Teaching Fields

To graduate from McMurry with certification to teach in the Texas public schools, students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction . They then take a number of education classes as well as classes in their teaching subject area. Those who hope to be history or social studies teachers in the Texas public schools have several degree options:

B.A. Degree in History

The history program at McMurry University truly prepared me for my career in education. I was easily able to transition from history student to history teacher due to the knowledge imparted on me by the professors in the history program.

Clint Cypert, Dallas
Class of 1998
History, Grades 8-12 Certificate: A student intending to be certified to teach history in the Texas public schools is a history major who minors in Curriculum and Instruction (grades 8-12) rather than in some other subject field. (It is recommended that history majors intending to teach choose Texas history as one of their required 36 hours of advanced history courses, and select Spanish for their required two years of college-level language).

Social Studies, Grades 8-12 Certificate: A student wishing to be certified as a social studies teacher for grades 8-12 in the Texas public schools earns a B.A. degree in history with two minors: one in Curriculum and Instruction, and one in social studies. The social studies minor consists of the following classes: PSC 2310, PSC 2320, PSC 3310, ECON 2310, ECON 2320; either PSC 4330 or 4335; and either PSC 4340 or 4350. Again, it is recommended that the student choose Spanish for the required two years of college-level language proficiency.

B.S. Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies

Social Studies, Grades 4-8 Certificate: In addition to the required education courses, the student takes 51 hours of social science courses: 27 hours of history (1310, 1320, 2310, 2320, 3310, 3377, 4380, plus 6 advanced U.S. history); 6 hours of economics (2310, 2320); 6 hours of geography (3310, 3320); and 12 hours of political science (2310, 2320, plus 6 advanced hours). For the B.S. degree, there is no language requirement beyond McMurry's general requirement of two years of the same language at the high school level. There is also no minor for this certification.