Holland Hunter History Endowed Scholarship

The History Department at McMurry University is pleased to announce the prestigious new Holland Hunter History Endowed Scholarship.  Available to incoming history majors, this special award is valued at around $2000 per year and may be combined with various other University scholarships, recognizing some of the brightest freshmen each year.  

Candidates who meet the following criteria will receive consideration:

Apply, and be accepted for, general admission to McMurry University;
Earn an ACT score of 27 or SAT score of 1220 (critical reasoning and mathematics) or be ranked in to top 5% of one’s graduating class;
Submit a letter of interest in the Holland Hunter History Endowed Scholarship by February 1.

Finalists will receive invitations to the McMurry University campus to meet with the History Department’s award-winning faculty and participate in the life and adventures of a History major for a day.

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