Dr. Robert Watson, Associate Professor of Computer Science (2008)
Chair, Department of Computer Science
B.S., The University of Texas at Austin
M.S., Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Dr. Alicia T. Wyatt, Professor of Computer Science (1999)
B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., Texas Tech University

Mr. Richard L. Brozovic, Instructor of Computer Science (1996)
B.S., U.S. Air Force Academy
M.S., Air Force Institute of Technology

The computer science faculty conducts research in the discipline as well as participating in technology oriented activities on campus.

Dr. Robby Watson has been developing a proof-of-concept web application that allows students to complete programming projects online, requiring no special software to be installed on their local computers. This project spawned a secondary project to implement a WebSockets server because no suitable existing server could be found. WebSockets are part of the upcoming HTML 5 standard which is not yet finished and he intends to separate the server as an open source project. Other efforts include looking into options for increasing access security for website accounts and testing and evaluating some new technologies that are just now entering the testing phase.

Dr. Alicia Wyatt is interested in exploring social media applications and how those are changing our patterns of social interaction within the classroom and in communities of practice You can find her on Twitter, Diigo, and Google+.

Mr. Rich Brozovic can sometimes be found working with his Sun Solaris N1 grid, with several Sun and non-Sun servers, to support his research for his PhD dissertation. He serves as the department representative to the Science and Math Advisory Board and the Education Advisory Board and as a member of the faculty Student Appeals Committee. He also serves as the Faculty Advisor for the AITP Student Chapter. He also serves as the Computer Science Contest Director for both district and regional Texas UIL Academic Contests which includes judging programming competitions. He also teaches several CIS courses for Business and occasionally teaches Math courses.