Important Information for Students

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction, with the advisement of the Education Advisory Council, is responsible for establishing policy and providing leadership for the teacher education program. Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of teacher education, several departments of the University are represented on the Education Advisory Council. The administration of McMurry University strives to promote a close, cooperative relationship between the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the other academic departments of the University. See requirements for:  Secondary Certificate Grades 7-12 ,   Certificate Grades 4-8 ,   Certification Early Childhood to Grade 6 .

The teacher education program at McMurry is accredited by the State Board for Educator Certification. The development and maintenance of a quality program in teacher education is a high priority of both the University and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. McMurry takes pride in its ability to offer a personalized teacher education program which ensures that each of its graduates will be well prepared to enter the teaching profession.

Note to Students

To qualify for a teaching certificate, students must meet the requirements of both McMurry University and the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC). There are several important steps which students must follow to insure that these dual requirements are satisfied. These steps include:

  • Apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program while enrolled in CURR 2110. Admission requirements are outlined on the Admission to Teacher Education Program page.
  • File a degree plan in the Registrar's Office during your sophomore year.
  • Apply for admission to clinical teaching. Admission requirements are outlined on the Admission to Clinical Teaching page.
  • In order to be approved for the certificate, students will be required to achieve a satisfactory score on the TExES examinations prescribed by SBEC. Content of the test will generally cover areas of professional education and the individual's teaching field(s) or areas of specialization.
  • File an application for certification with the Certification Officer in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction prior to graduation.
  • Important details on each of these steps are outlined on subsequent pages. Students are urged to read the catalog carefully and consult closely with their advisors in planning their programs of study.