FasTrack Certification Information

The following are requirements for students wishing to enter the FasTrack certification program at McMurry:

Step One: Admittance

1. To be admitted to the program a student must have a bachelor’s degree with a 2.75 GPA.

2. Transcripts: Bring copies of transcripts from all colleges or universities you attended, including the accredited college or university where you earned a Bachelor’s degree.
• Transcript(s) demonstrates an earned an overall grade point average of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale across all coursework.

3. Certification Interest Area: Completed 24 hours (includes 12 advanced hours) within certification interest area (*required to meet FasTrack Program timetable).
4. Pre-admission assessments: Prior to admittance into a teacher education program, Texas Administrative Code requires documentation of mastery of basic skills in three areas: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Scores from any one of the following State–approved exams listed or combinations of scores from more than one assessment source may qualify to demonstrate mastery.

Exam                   Scores: Required Required Required Required
THEA 250 230 240 N/A
ACCUPLACER 90 63 80 6
COMPASS 91 39 59 6
ASSET 45 38 40 5
ACT: Composite 23 and 21 ENG 19 21 ENG N/A
SAT: Composite 1070 and    550 Verbal  500 550 Verbal N/A

Step Two: Fast Track Application Process picture

2. If the bachelor’s degree has at least 24 semester hours of course work (with 12 of those hours advanced) in a teaching field, the teaching candidate may declare that subject area as a teaching field as long as it is a subject area in which McMurry is authorized to grant certification. (See catalog)

3. If the bachelor’s degree does not have at least 24 hours of course work in a teaching field, the candidate must complete additional hours in the teaching field OR pass a state certification test in that field to become a middle or high school teacher. Those hours should be worked out and discussed with the FasTrack coordinator and/or the department involved (math, English, etc.) Elementary education requires a number of courses and individual plans to meet minimum state requirements. Contact the FasTrack coordinator for additional information.

Step Three: Curriculum and Instruction Plan

4. The FasTrack coordinator will provide the candidate with a certification plan. At the very minimum, the plan will include 12 hours of Curriculum and Instruction courses: Theories of Learning; The Inclusive Classroom; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; and Methods and Management. The candidate must also complete student teaching OR a supervised internship. Other courses may be added to the plan depending on the evaluation of the transcript or scores made on certification exams. The 12 hours of Curriculum and Instruction courses may not be taken prior to admission to the School of Education.

Step Four: Required State Certification Exams (TExES Tests)

5. As soon as the candidate has completed course work in the selected teaching field, he or she should take the certification test in that field. If the candidate does not pass the test, other courses may be added for remediation. If the candidate passes the test, additional course work in the teaching field is not required.

6. When the candidate completes the 12 hours of Curriculum and Instruction courses mentioned in #4 above, he or she should take the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) test for the chosen grade level.

7. In order to take the certification tests mentioned in #5 and 6 above, the candidate should contact the FasTrack coordinator by e-mail or in person in order to provide the following information:

a) First, middle, and last names
b) Maiden name, if applicable
c) Date of Birth
d) E-mail address
e) Teaching field

The FasTrack coordinator will then create a profile for the candidate on the State Board of Education website and will approve the candidate for the appropriate tests.

8. The candidate will then login to the State Board of Educator Certification website and follow the “Simplified Test Registration Procedures” bulletin to register and pay for the tests. We recommend that a candidate take only one test on any testing date. Tests are offered on computer (CAT) or paper based (PBT).

Step Five: Student Teaching or Internshipteaching picture

9. During the last semester of Curriculum and Instruction courses the candidate should apply for student teaching with the student teaching supervisor OR apply for a teaching internship in lieu of student teaching. (See catalog) If a candidate secures an internship, he or she should contact the certification officer for an internship approval form and for information on receiving a probationary certificate. The candidate may teach on a probationary certificate for a maximum of two years. The candidate must be admitted to the School of Education AND have a minimum of 24 semester hours of course work in the teaching field OR have passed the state certification test in the teaching field to secure a probationary certificate. Probationary certificates are renewable for up to two years. A candidate must pass all certification tests in order to receive a probationary certificate. ALL course work leading to a standard certificate must be completed by the end of the two years.

Step Six: Certification Application

Once the candidate has completed ALL course work, passed both the subject area and PPR test, and successfully completed either student teaching or a one year internship, he or she must apply for the standard teaching certificate on the SBEC website. Once a candidate has completed these items, paid the fee for the certificate, and passed a criminal background check, McMurry will recommend that candidate for certification.

Disclaimer: All requirements and conditions for admission to the teacher education program or for certification are subject to change by the Texas Education Agency and/or the State Board for Educator Certification.

Additional Information

Our FasTrack brochure explains minimum THEA scores, internships, teaching fields, and gives additional program information. Prospective candidates can obtain a copy from Mrs. Vicki Kohutek in the School of Education office. Many questions are answered in the McMurry Catalog.

Contact information

School of Education- 325-793-4890

Certification Issues
Certification Officers
Mike Thomesen 325-793-4863

FasTrack and Internship Issues
Director FasTrack Program
Dr. Gae Lynn McInroe 325-793-4960

Student Teaching Issues
Student Teaching Coordinator
Stephanie Scott 325-793-4892