FasTrack Program: Face-to-Face

 STEP ONE: Admittance to McMurry University as a Transfer Student.

Apply to McMurry University as a transfer student. On the application, check "No" on the first question that states: "Have you attended McMurry University as a full-time, degree-seeking student previously?"

STEP TWO: Speak with FasTrack Director.

Schedule a time to speak with the FasTrack director to discuss options for certification and course work required for the Face-to-Face courses.  There is more flexibility of starting date when choosing this route. 

There are two options- 2 long semesters or 1 summer of three sessions.

In discussions with the FasTrack director, you will learn how to take the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT). This is a certification test in your subject area. This test is used for admission into the Educator Preparation Program (EPP).  

Though TExES Test preparation materials is useful in preparation for PACT tests, the preservice teacher should be sure that they have registered for the correct test. The FasTrack director can help with this information as we do not certify in all content areas that are available for testing.


STEP THREE: Apply and be admitted to the FasTrack program.

Once you have passed your PACT test, there are a few forms that are required to be filled out and returned before admittance. Successful completion of the PACT test in the area of certification and a minimum of 2.75 is required.


STEP FOUR: Coursework and observations

Once a student is admitted to the program, coursework may begin.

STEP FIVE: Clinical Teaching or Internship

During Methods and Managements and Planning, Curriculum, and Assessment courses, candidates will be given information as to how to apply for clinical teaching or the internship.


STEP SEVEN: Certification Application

Once the candidate has completed ALL course work and successfully completed either clinical teaching or a one year internship, he or she must apply for the standard teaching certificate on the SBEC website. Once a candidate has completed these items, paid the fee for the certificate, and passed a criminal background check, McMurry will recommend that candidate for certification.

Disclaimer: All requirements and conditions for admission to the teacher education program or for certification are subject to change by the Texas Education Agency and/or the State Board for Educator Certification.