Admission to Teacher Education Program

Criteria for Admission

  • Overall GPA of 2.75.
  • Evidence of freedom from serious mental and personality defects or physical handicaps which would seriously impede effectiveness in the classroom or employment as a classroom teacher. The Education Advisory Council may request that the student, at his or her own expense, take a physical examination and or additional psychological tests or inventories.
  • A minimum of one interview for each applicant will be conducted by the faculty in the department of Curriculum and Instruction. An unsuccessful interview will result in further review of the submitted application.
  •  Departmental approval of applicant’s competency in the academic areas he or she is presenting as teaching fields.
  •  Successful completion of Introduction of Education, CURR 2110.

NOTE: Requirements for admission to the Education Advisory Council which are in effect at the time the teacher candidate is admitted to the program shall be adhered to unless specifically relieved in individual cases by three-fourth’s majority of the Education Advisory Council at the time admission to the program is considered.  Any such policies as may differ from those cited herein shall be communicated in writing as part of the application form(s).

Admission Procedure

Students should apply for admission to the Education Advisory Council while they are enrolled in C&I 2110, Introduction to Education. The application is made in writing and submitted to the Chairperson of the Education Advisory Council. Transfer students should delay such application until they have completed one semester of work in residence at McMurry.  

The Teacher Education Committee will review the student's application and inform him/her of the action taken by committee. One of the following actions will be taken:

  • Admission to the program. Students are eligible to enroll in Professional Education courses.
  • Denial of admission to the program. Students who are denied admission to the program are precluded from enrolling in Professional Education courses. Upon request, a student who has been denied admission to the program may be permitted to appear before the Education Advisory Council to appeal denial.

The applicant should understand that admission to the Teacher Education Program does not constitute assurance of certification.