Management Major at McMurry University

What Managers Docourses

  • Run their own businesses.
  • Lead and direct people for business firms, colleges and universities, government agencies, and other
  • non-profit organizations.
  • Plan and organize work for individuals and groups.
  • Are responsible for directing the efforts that lead to the accomplishment of organizational goals. 

All managers, regardless of their particular skills or aptitudes, engage in different interrelated activities in order to achieve both organizational and individual goals. Without effective managers, organizations are likely to be unsuccessful. A Management degree is versatile; and enables you to use management knowledge and skills in all types of organizations

Skills Required

There are three skills all effective managers must have and use continually, and in different degrees depending
on the situation.

  • Technical - ability to use procedures, techniques and knowledge of a specialized field.
  • Human relations - ability to understand, motivate, and work with other people as individuals or groups.
  • Conceptual - ability to see the organization as a whole entity, understanding how all its parts depend upon one another; anticipating how changing one part will affect the whole.

Though all three skills are essential to effective management, their relative importance depends upon the manager’s rank within the organization. Human relations skill is of equal importance at all levels of the organization, where technical skill is more important at the lower level of management, and conceptual skill becomes more important the higher the manager moves within the organization.

Courses Available

If you decide to concentrate in management, you will take advanced courses in areas such as Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Management for Quality, and Organizational Behavior. You might also take some courses in special topics such as Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, International Management (trip to London), and a Management Internship. Most people with undergraduate degrees go to work for business firms at entry-level positions. If you choose to continue your education after you graduate from McMurry, you can obtain a master’s or doctoral-level degree in business.

Median Starting Salaries

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the starting salaries for the undergraduate management majors $51,196 and a master’s degree is $71,076.

Contact Information

Dr. Patricia Lapoint
Cooke 209A