3310 Principles of Management(3-0)
Prerequisite:  None.   First course for students concentrating in management. Study of management principles applicable to various legal forms of organizations. Attention is given to the decision-making process, planning, organizing, leadership, motivation and the control process. (Fall, Spring)

3350 Entrepreneurship(3-0)
Advanced elective for the management concentration. The planning and operation of a small business enterprise. This course will include site location, financial aspects of starting a business, sources of information and aid for the entrepreneur, common management problems, and practical methods of controlling expenses and building volume. Also cross listed as BA 3350. (Spring)

3370 Operations Management (3-0)
Prerequisites: BA 3370 or equivalent statistics course and MGMT 3310. Required for students concentrating in management. The study of management as applied to the operations function. Selected topics include: capacity, facilities management, project management, inventory management, scheduling, purchasing, technology.  The development of current quantitative techniques will support the selected topics. (Fall)

3390 Human Resources Management(3-0)
Prerequisites: MGMT 3310. Required for students concentrating in management. The study of topics include: staffing, compensation, training, the legal environment, safety and health, and performance appraisals. (Spring)

4310 Managing For Quality (3-0)
Prerequisites: MGMT 3310 and BA 3370 or equivalent statistics course. Required for students concentrating in management. An in-depth study of the major managerial philosophies and techniques of quality with a special emphasis on continuous improvement systems (TQM, CQI). Specific topics include quality design and implementation in manufacturing, government, service and academic organizations, economics of quality, human resource management for quality and the technical system including inspection and measurement, reliability and statistical process control. (Spring)

4330 Organizational Behavior/Interpersonal Relations (3-0)
Prerequisites: MGMT 3310 or approval of instructor. Required course in the management concentration. The study of individuals, groups, and organizations in the work environment, to include the structure, processes, and effects of each upon each other. Also, interpersonal relationships, emphasizing individual and group behavior and communication in the business setting, with further emphasis upon identifying and classifying individual behavior and personal styles of behavior are examined. Strategies for managing interpersonal relationships will be discussed and developed. (Fall)

4370 Marketing Management(3-0)
Prerequisites: MGMT 3310, MKTG 3370 or consent of instructor. Advanced elective for the management concentration. Study of the managerial direction and control of activities necessary to insure satisfaction of consumer needs. Consideration given to the relationships of the functions of marketing management in the creation of a formal organization structure. Also cross listed as MKTG 4370. (Spring)

4X95 Independent Studies (variable credit)
Prerequisite: Senior standing and consent of the Dean. A study program arranged between an advanced student and an instructor to provide intensive study in a particular area of interest. The course includes a definition of goals appropriate for the advanced student, ways of attaining those goals, a schedule for frequent consultation, and means of measuring progress. (By arrangement)

XX99 Special Topics(variable credit)
Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. A course of study offered occasionally to groups of students to broaden departmental curriculum, to meet student demand, or to observe special events. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. (By Arrangement)