Business Administration Honors Curriculum

In addition to the B.B.A. the student may choose an honors curriculum. Admission requires completion of 60 hours of college credit and of a GPA of at least 3.5 in ACCT 2310; ECON 2310, 2320; and BA 1310, with a GPA of 3.25 in all other college work. Students must complete seven hours of honors courses in Business, including BA 4X96* (Honors Tutorial) and BA 4X97* (Honors Thesis).  Departmental honors will be obtained in the student's area of business concentration.

Business Honors Courses (BA)

4X96 Honors Tutorial (Variable Credit)
An in-depth study, which may be related to an upper-level business course, taken with concurrent enrollment, or after successful completion of the course. The Honors Tutorial may be repeated for credit, not to exceed 4 hours of combined credit. Honors students should complete the Honors Tutorial the semester prior to the Honors Thesis, BA 4X97.

4X97 Honors Thesis (Variable Credit)
This course represents the senior project for honors students in the School of Business. Following completion of the Honors Tutorial, the student will design, execute and present orally, and in writing, a research project which explores an issue or concept in Business.

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