Business Administration

1310 Contemporary Business (3-0)
Prerequisite: None. Survey of the functional areas of business with special emphasis on the role of business in society, business careers and techniques of analysis used in business. (Fall, Spring) (TCCN BUSI 1301)

3350 Entrepreneurship (3-0)
Prerequisite: None. The planning and operation of a small business enterprise. It will include site location, financial aspects of starting a business, sources of information and aid for the entrepreneur, common management problems, and practical methods of controlling expenses and building volume. Also cross-listed as MGMT 3350. (Spring)

3370 Business Statistics (3-0)
Prerequisite: Math 1311. Descriptive statistical measures, probability distributions, sampling, inference, chi-square and non-parametric methods, regression and correlation, and time series and analysis. (Spring, Fall)

3371 Decision Sciences for Business (3-0)
Prerequisite: B A 3370. Survey and analysis of major mathematics and statistical techniques useful in modern business. (Spring)

4370 Business Law (3-0)
Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing or consent of the instructor. Historical development of law, court procedure, torts, contracts, ethics, business entities, Uniform Commercial Code and legal environment of business.  This course is recommended for pre-law students  (Fall)

4380 Commercial Law (3-0)
Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing or consent of the instructor. It is recommended that students have taken BA 4370, Business Law, prior to taking BA 4380.  Business entities, commercial paper, Uniform Commercial Code, administrative law, property and agency.  This course is recommended for students in the Accounting concentration and for pre-law students.  (Spring)

4385 Ethics in Business And Society (3-0)
Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing or consent of the instructor. To provide students with an opportunity to explore the issues of integrity, moral reasoning, independence and objectivity as they apply to legal and social issues that impact strategic decision making for institutions and organizations. (Fall, Spring)

4390 Strategic Management: Strategy and Decision Making (3-0)
Prerequisites: MGMT 3310, MKTG 3370, ACCT 2310, ECON 2320, FIN 3340, B A 3370 and senior standing or consent of the instructor. This course integrates the functional areas of business from the management point of view. Emphasis on the role of management in formulation of strategy and long range planning and decision making. This is the capstone course for Business. Enrollment is limited with preference given to graduating seniors.  (Fall, Spring)

4X95 Independent Studies (variable credit)
Prerequisite: Senior standing and consent of the Dean. A study program arranged between an advanced student and an instructor to provide intensive study in a particular area of interest. The course includes a definition of goals appropriate for the advanced student, ways of attaining those goals, a schedule for frequent consultation, and means of measuring progress. (By arrangement)

XX99 Special Topics (variable credit)
Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor. A course of study offered occasionally to groups of students to broaden departmental curriculum, to meet student demand, or to observe special events. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. (By arrangement)