3330 Personal Finance (3-0)
Prerequisite: None. The study of personal finance principles and concepts with major emphasis on financial planning, budgeting, cash management, credit management, taxes, major expenditures, income and asset protection, and investment planning. (May not be used to meet degree requirements in the finance concentration.) (Spring)

3340 Business Finance (3-0)
Prerequisites: ACCT 2310, ECON 2310, 2320 and B A 3370. Acquisition and use of funds by business firms with emphasis on techniques of analysis for decision making. (Fall, Spring)

3350 Money And Banking (3-0)
Prerequisite: FIN 3340. Functions and policies of the American monetary and banking system in the United States; Federal Reserve Bank; bank credit policy; monetary theories and policies.

3360 Public Finance (3-0) Prerequisite: FIN 3340. Fundamentals of government expenditures, taxation, borrowing, and public choice and the effects of fiscal policy on the level of economic activity. (Spring)

4310 Investments
Prerequisite: B A 3370 and FIN 3340. Introductory course concerned with theory and practice of U.S. securities markets; characteristics and valuation of stocks, bonds, options and various other investments. (Spring)

4320 Advanced Seminar In Finance (3-0)
Prerequisite: FIN 3340. A continuation of Business Finance that employs the tools, techniques, concepts and theories mastered in previous courses. Cases will be analyzed by the student who will determine the best method of finding and allocating capital for the firm. (Fall)

4340 International Financial Markets (3-0)
Prerequisite: FIN 3340. This course will stress the fact that we live in an increasingly integrated world market, and will encourage the student to be familiar with the international dimension of business, both its substance and subtleties. It will provide the student with a working knowledge of Eurodollars, Eurobonds, and interest rate swaps and their use. The course will include international hedging tactics and derivative securities. (Fall)

4X95 Independent Studies (variable credit)
Prerequisite: Senior standing and consent of the Dean. A study program arranged between an advanced student and an instructor to provide intensive study in a particular area of interest. The course includes a definition of goals appropriate for the advanced student, ways of attaining those goals, a schedule for frequent consultation, and means of measuring progress. (By arrangement)

XX99 Special Topics (variable credit)
Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. A course study offered occasionally to groups of students to broaden departmental curriculum, to meet student demand, or to observe special events. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. (By arrangement)