Full-time Faculty

Dr. Paul Mason
Dean and Professor of Economics

Dr. Patricia LaPoint
Professor of Management

Dr. Clara Richardson
Associate Professor of Accounting, Director of the Master of Accountancy program

Dr. R. Duncan M. Pelly
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Director of the Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Director of International Business

Dr. Brian D. Deaton
Assistant Professor of Finance

Dr. Tobi Popoola
Assistant Professor of Management

Dr. Kim Tribou
Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dr. Kevin Phillipson
Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing

Mr. George Starbuck
Instructor of Accounting

Ms. Elizabeth Watson
Instructor of Computer Information Systems.

Mr. Rich Brozovic
Instructor of Computer Science and Information Systems

Part-time Faculty

Mr. Thomas Law
Adjunct Instructor - Management and International Business

Mr. Bill Minter
Adjunct Instructor - Marketing

Mr. Glen Webb, J.D.
Adjunct Instructor – Marketing and Law

Dr. Thomas Wier
Adjunct Professor - Economics

Mr. Darrell W. Wood
Adjunct Instructor - Marketing and Management