Computer Information Systems

1315 Computer Fluency (3-0).
No prerequisites. Introduction to the use of computer hardware and software in today’s world with a heavy emphasis on the use of computing resources to collect and organize data and produce meaningful reporting products. Topics will include an overview of hardware, software, and the Internet; the use of spreadsheets, databases, and graphing tools to solve problems from a variety of scientific and non-scientific disciplines; and an introduction to designing and building Web sites. This course will be taught in a computer lab. This course is designed for non-computer science majors and does not count toward the requirements for a Computer Science major/minor or a Computer Information Systems concentration in Business. (Fall, Spring)
(TCCN BCIS 1305)

2350 Applications Programming
This course introduces students to writing application programs for business and end users.  Required for CIS program.  Topics covered include an introduction to computer algorithms and problem solving, GUI design and implementation, and processing data in files.  (Spring)

3311 Database Management Systems (3-0).
Prerequisite: CIS 2350, CSC 1325 and MATH 2315. This course is designed to give the student an introduction to database theory, especially the differences in database systems and how to use a relational database. (Fall)

3320 Internet Programming (3-0).
Prerequisites: CSC 2350.  The course will cover learning to program applications for use on the internet. Students will be exposed to examples of current techniques including client side programming with advanced HTML and JavaScript and server side programming integrating scripting language/applications and databases.  (Fall)

3333 Networked Data Systems (3-0).
This course concentrates on the Hardware, Software and Services needed to operate a modern office network. Topics include Network Architecture, Internet and LAN design, Data-link and Physical Layer structures. Security and Monitoring issues. Students will configure and administer several current network operating system options.  (Spring)

3380 Management Information Systems (3-0).
Prerequisites: BA 1310, CIS 1315 or equivalent. This course provides a critical examination into how information systems are managed by organizations. Emphasis is on planning and decision making needs, systems development, and support for management levels. Topics include: management theory, systems options, software support, decision support systems and case studies in MIS tasking. (Fall, Spring)

4350 Information Systems Analysis and Design  (3-0).
Prerequisites:  CIS 3311, and CIS 3320.  This course presents object oriented techniques for analysis and design of new or improved information systems in the context of Systems Development Life Cycles.  The course includes case studies and projects for automation in industry, including hardware and software selection and implementation considerations.  (Spring) 

4X95 Independent Studies **  

XX99 Special Topics**

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