All first-time college students or transfers who have not completed English 1310 and/or Math 1311 (or equivalent) may be required to test for placement in math, reading and composition. Students whose placement results indicate a need for pre-college development in one or more of these areas must register for and continually enroll in the appropriate level developmental education course(s) until they pass with a grade of “C-” or better. Once students have met this requirement, they must enroll in the corresponding college-level academic course(s). Academic advisors will assist students in registering for the appropriate level of classes. Declining required testing constitutes acceptance of placement in developmental education classes. Some students may be exempt from one or more placement test(s) if ACT/SAT sub-scores or TSI scores exceed established cutoff levels.

Home-schooled students – The placement tests administered at McMurry University are approved by the Department of Education as an “ability-to-benefit” test.

Note: Credit for developmental education courses will not count toward any requirements other than placement and the meeting of pre-requisite skills for collegiate-level courses. Students must meet this requirement before enrolling in the corresponding college level classes. Development education courses count towards financial aid loads, academic eligibility, and GPA, but do not count towards the hours required for a degree. Students can take these developmental courses during the summer preceding their freshman year, but will be registered for these courses until an official transcript is received. Please see the Developmental Education and Placement section of the catalog for further information.  


ACT and SAT Sub-score Cut-offs Used to Determine Placement Testing
ACT   English  Math   Reading
18 or below 22 or below   18 or below
 SAT (2005)    Writing Math Critical Reading
480 or below 520 or below 480 or below
SAT  (2016) Writing and Language Math  Reading
27 or below 550 or below 26 or below

Those who are required to take placement tests will take the appropriate ACT Asset Assessment test.  Those required to test for English will take the writing section of the Asset as well as writing a sample essay that will be graded by our English department.  

Asset cut off scores:
Writing:   39 and below will be placed in ENGL 1041 Writing Mechanics or ENGL 1033 Integrated Reading and Writing
Writing sample: ENGL 1013 Introduction to Composition I, ENGL1023 Introduction to Composition II, or ENGL 1033 Integrated Reading and Writing
Reading: 31 and below will be placed in ACAD 1013 Academic Literacy I
32-39 will be placed in ACAD 1023  Academic Literacy II or ENGL 1033 Integrated Reading and Writing
Math*: 31 and below will be placed in MATH 1013 Introductory Algebra
32-42 will be placed in  MATH 1023 Modular Intermediate Algebra

*The Asset Assessment Booklet contains five math assessments:  Numerical Skills (32 questions), Elementary Algebra (25 questions), Intermediate Algebra (25 questions), College Algebra (25 questions), and Geometry (25 questions).  McMurry University administers the Elementary Algebra assessment.  It is composed of 25 multiple choice questions. Students who complete 13 or more correctly are allowed to register for a college level math course. 

*TSI/ACCUPLACER scores or concurrent/dual credit courses may also be used for exemption from placement testing. Please submit any documentation to the Office of the Registrar.

Students placed in ACAD 1013, ACAD 1023, ENGL 1041, MATH 1013, and MATH 1023 will be given a diagnostic pre-test on the first day of class.  This is an additional opportunity to place into freshman level courses.  The pre-test also serves as a baseline from which progress in these classes can be measured.  A post-test will be given at the end of the semester to measure progress and determine readiness for the corresponding college level course(s).


In order to receive special accommodations for testing, you must first complete an Application for Disability Services.  You must then provide adequate documentation of your disability from a qualified professional such as a licensed psychologist or a diagnostician who has evaluated you within the last three years.  This information must be received by the Disability Services Coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to SOAR.  You may download an application from the website at or call Disability Services at 325-793-4880.

For More Information:
Coordinator of Academic Advising
Maedgen 106
(325) 793-3813

Rachael Bein,  Academic Enrichment Center Director, Instructor of Developmental Mathematics
AEC, Library
(325) 793-4621